Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Oh No! Where Did My Spellcheck Go?

 "I am working in Google Docs and spellcheck is no longer working. I spell things wrong on purpose but when I run the spell checker it says, 'no suggestions.' What is wrong?"

Google's spell check seems to adapt based on your spellings. If you misspell several words when you start typing it decides you don't care about spelling, shifts to a less aggressive spell correcting protocol so that it won't hurt your feelings. 

The program also seems to believe you would never paste a large chunk of text into your document that was full of errors.

So, if you paste or duplicate a document it trusts you are happy with the spelling and turns off spell check.

If this happens here is the first thing you should check:

If spelling is not working then select English(United States) and prepare your ego for a hit. It should start pointing out your horrible spelling skills right away.

Thank you for reading.
Steven Lucey

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