Friday, December 11, 2015

Tools I Use: issue 2 (Update unfortunately Evernote is ending support for this app so I will need to find another app That functions the same.)

 (Update unfortunately Evernote is ending support for this extension so I will need to find another tool that clears all the distractions off a web page.)

I already have found several that provide similar functions Pocket is one of my favorites. Pocket also works as a bookmarking tool for reading articles later. I will make a video Pocket shortly.

Clearly :

Clearly is an extension That I use to make articles on the internet easier to read. Once you install the extension the icon will be found in the top left corner of your browser window. 

To use clearly to clear up the page you click on the icon when you are on a page you want to read. Watch the video below to see Clearly in action.

Educational uses:

  • Students can use the extension to make things easier to read on their Chromebook.
  • Teachers can make it easier to read articles they are projecting for their class.
  • Teacher can use it in conjunction with Chrome's print to drive feature to save articles to their drive in a format that is clear of ads and more print friendly if students don't have access to devices.

I often combine Clearly and Chrome's ability to print to Drive to save article to read later as .pdfs.

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