Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tools I Use: issue 1

I have decided to do a series of posts based on apps I use.

I spend a lot of time trying applications and digital workflows, attempting to find the easiest and most efficient way to accomplish educational activities.  

My goal is to introduce applications I have found valuable while working in West Springfield. 

In an attempt to provide clear descriptions I will format my posts in this series 

goo.gl.com This is Google's a web address shortener, it is a tool that  makes links easier to share with a group. 
Once you have installed the extension, you use it by going to the page you want to share and clicking the extension icon.

The extension creates a short URL with 6 random letters or numbers.  It is important to know that the letters are case-sensitive.(i.e.it matters whether the letters are uppercase or lowercase) 

Once the extension has created your shortlink you can copy it and share it to your audience. 

Another nice feature is your shortlinks are saved for you in your google account.

Here is an example:

Educational Purpose: 
As a teacher one goal is to optimize time on task. This means more than just working, it means focused on your defined objective.

Using Goo.gl shortlinks help students avoid typing errors that are roadblocks to the site you want them to work on.

Goo.gl's are also great for when you want to use a Google form as an assessment or survey. Google forms have ridiculously long and complicated urls so having a short version enables a more smooth start to your test.

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