Wednesday, September 24, 2014

I want to look at just my items In Drive

Google Drive's Advanced Search

Google drive's search results include all the items you have created and all the items that have been shared with you. this a great way to find items you are looking for. 

However, if you are using it with your students you will find the search results can be somewhat overwhelming. 

To solve this problem you can use the advanced search feature. 

This feature is Located in the  search bar you will see a tiny triangle at the very end near the search button. If you click this triangle it will open up the advanced search box

The advanced options allow you to limit your search.
The filter options include: 

  • item type
    • documents
    • spreadsheets
    • presentations
    • forms
    • images
  • ownership
    • Owned by you
    • Owned by anyone
    • Not owned by me
  • application it opens with

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