Wednesday, March 26, 2014

3 Useful Apps/Websites for Your Google Account.

I realize there are thousands of sites that post lists of applications and weblinks.
However, I thought it might be good to post a list that I know will work on our network.

1Google drive templates 

 This is an app that brings you to the templates gallery for Google Drive tools, (i.e docs, spreadsheets, presentations, forms).

2. CK-12 

This web-app is a great online textbook site. When you use your Google account to login you can then customize an online textbook for you class they they call them flexbooks. My one issue with this site is that not all subjects are equally represented

            Another great aspect is that the flexbooks can be saved as .pdf as well as be  accessed on student's             smartphone or any of the top e-readers including Kindle, Nook, and ipad.

3. Diigo Bookmark Manager

 I have mentioned Diigo before, it is my personal choice for Bookmark management or collecting

Why: One of the most important skills to learn for using the internet is how to searching and evaluating websites. But once you find and evaluate the sites it is important to have a way to get back

What: A bookmark manager is an Browser extension you can add to your browser collect the sites you have determined to be valuable. 

What I like about Diigo is that I can highlight parts of pages and it saves the highlights and the link.

Diigo is an extension you can add to your browser for easy access to the Bookmarking tools.

All the above mentioned tools can be found in the Chromestore and are all free.

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