Sunday, March 9, 2014

Chromebooks and Using the Diigo Web Tool to Share.

            This past week I met with several groups of teachers at the High School to discuss Chromebooks.
    I was reading a post on the site Chrome Story. The full post can be found here 100 Tips for Your Google Chromebook

    The following list is are my annotations  using  Diigo  an online tool I use to organize my bookmarks and also annotate web pages. There are a variety of bookmarking tools but I have been using Diigo because I like the annotation feature.

    Here is my abridged version of 100 Tips for Your Google Chromebook  

  • Looking for caps  lock? press ALT + SEARCH
  • For Delete key, press ALT + Backspace.
  • To find hundreds of offline apps visit the offline apps section of the Chrome Web Store,
  • To take a screenshot, Ctrl 100 Tips for Your Google Chromebook
  • Take a partial screenshot by selecting the area you want to capture,CtrlShift 100 Tips for Your Google Chromebook
  • Press Shift + Alt + M to open the file manager
  • Hold Shift key and click on any app to open it in a separate window
  • Ctrl + S to save webpages for offline reading.
  • If you try to open a .swf file (flash) from the Files app, you will get an error saying it is unsupported. Drag the file to a Chrome tab, and it will work fine!
  • On the file manager, Ctrl + E creates a new folder
  • Press Ctrl + Shift + Q , twice (second time for confirmation) to exit

    I have narrowed the list considerably based on our Chromebooks being shared, many of the

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