Friday, December 20, 2013

Google Sharing a Google Folder

There are choices for this weeks entry. You can check out the the step by step slideshow explaining how to share a folder, you can read the short explanation of Access Levels, or you can do both.

Sharing vs Sending

To start I would like to explain Sharing: Before online resources like Google Docs became common, people would collaborate on documents by sending word documents to each other to edit. The problem with this method is that in order to edit the document you would need to download a copy to your computer and open it in Word. This workflow lead to multiple copies circulating of the same document. and no easy way to track revisions.

With Sharing you have a single document. This document, in our case a Google Doc, is created and stored on the google server and collaborators access it online. All changes are stored in the document, less digital mess. Google takes it a step further and allows you to share a folder with collaborators this allows you to share digital items in bulk with collaborators.

Access Levels

An important aspect of the process of sharing is Access Levels. The Access Levels determine the collaborators abilities, basically how what they can see and do. As teachers you will be sharing documents with administrators, colleagues, and students. This means knowing what the Access levels are is important so that you can be in control of your documents.

There are 3 main access levels:

  • Can View
  • Can Comment 
  • Can Edit

Can View is the most restrictive access level.

  • Abilities: The collaborator is only able to view the shared item. They can however, make a copy of the document or download a copy.
  • Restrictions : "Can View"  collaborators cannot edit the document, delete the document, or change the permissions.

Can Comment is slightly less restrictive.

  • Abilities: The collaborator has all of the "Can View"  rights plus they can make comments on the document.
  • Restrictions : "Can Comment"  collaborators cannot edit the document, delete the document, or change the permissions.

Can Edit is the least restrictive of the collaborator settings.

  • Abilities: They are allowed to edit the shared item. They also can add collaborators if the Owner gives them permission. (It is important to note: Editors are given the right to share by default, so the Owner needs to remove it if they do not want an editor to share the item. (The steps to change this setting are below)
  • Restrictions: "Can Edit" collaborators can not permanently delete an item.

Here are the steps for removing sharing from "Can Edit".

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