Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tools I (will)Use: issue 3

   _Adobe Spark_

Adobe has recently released a new app , called Spark.

The app is great for making short informational presentations. you can add images text and voice and then put them all together.

Below is an example of "Spark" I created, it only took a couple of minutes.


Note: I might redo the voice over, I don't think I am enthusiastic enough when I present examples.

The User interface:

 Starting a project is very clear and easy to learn.

Project Screen: The yellow + is to add a new project.

Selection Screen Pick the type of project you want to create.

Types of Project:

  • Post: Is used to put words on single image. Like all of the posts your Facebook page is cluttered up with, except you can make them educational. 
  • Page: Is used for a single scrolling page where you can add images, text, links and video. It looks like a nice one page website.
  • Video: essentially is a narrated slide show. (See my example)

The answer to, "does it work on chromebooks?"

"Yes, the web version of Adobe Spark at spark.adobe.com is specifically designed to support Chromebooks."*

 I am looking forward to using it to make instructional resources, so look to see some google app Sparks coming in the near future.

*Link to where adobe's response can be found.

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